Minggu, 22 September 2013

New version 0.3.4 of ApPHP MVC Framework has been released.

We've released next version 0.2.4 of our new product - ApPHP MVC Framework. ApPHP MVC Framework is designed to provide modern and rapid development of websites, web applications and web services.

It implements the the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and
principles, including separation of display, logic, and data layers. It
provides an architecture, components and tools for

Rabu, 04 September 2013

The new version 7.9.9 of ApPHP DataGrid has been released

The new version 7.9.9 of ApPHP DataGrid was released and available now for downloading. There are many improvements and new features. This version requires full re-installation, if you work with one of previous. Please read carefully Getting Started.

The goal of ApPHP DataGrid script is to simplify the generation and editing of DataGrid pages for web developers.
It is a fully