Rabu, 28 April 2010

New version 3.1.0 of ApPHP MicroCMS released

We are happy to announce that new update for ApPHP MicroCMS was released and available now for downloading. A Short List of Features for v3.1.0: * One-Year FREE Updates * Fully functional WYSIWYG * Easy installation * Embedded CSS Design Templates * Customized header/footer * Site/Pages META tags creating/editing * WYSIWYG pages editor * Using of

Minggu, 18 April 2010

Count number of rows with php mysql

This is a small script which will help you find the number of rows from a mysql database for your query.

First connect to your database, just create a database connection file.

so now you can use this $num_rows variable throughout your program for any manipulation.

Jumat, 16 April 2010

New version 2.0.1 of ApPHP TreeMenu released

The new version 2.0.1 of ApPHP TreeMenu is available now for downloading. There are some new additions and improvements in this version. The ApPHP TreeMenu is a PHP script that generates multilevel tree menu control. It was specially designed for web developers. Tree menu is one of the most popular and commonly used navigation controls and it allows you to set up and use in no time. Here the