Sabtu, 30 Desember 2006

New "beta" version.

At the last time I receive many letters with the request to accelerate release of new versions. First of the all, thanks for your supporting, but I have not many time for this project, really... Development of this project will be continued, but we'll choose another way. From now I start to publish the Beta versions of PHP DataGrid, so those people, who want to get a new features - could get them

Kamis, 07 Desember 2006

Some thoughts and ideas...

1. I'm continuing to work persistently (very hard :)) on the next version of PHP DataGrid.2. Sometimes I think about something more complicated, like PHP Ajax DataGrid. Why not?3. If you have a public site, that use PHP DataGrid - please, post a link to this site on the forum.4. Last small bug in version 3.x.x: See forum discussing here.